Unexpected gifts from my sister

“I can’t find my travel mug!” My sister Kathleen frantically checked around the kitchen amidst packing boxes and bags of recyclable items. We’d both arrived a few days earlier – Kathleen from Colorado and I from Texas – to put our late sister Joanne’s home on the local California housing market. As a result of […]

When it’s time for a new lamp…

I need a new bedside lamp. My old one no longer works, and I’m tired of stumbling around the bed to find my way in the dark. I’ve even been dreaming about lamp-shopping for the last two nights. Then, today, in my devotional reading, guess which Psalm verse was included? Psalm 18:28: For You light […]

New Year’s resolutions…or not

Well, this is embarrassing. I thought I’d write a post about writing resolutions for a new year by reviewing my resolutions for 2017 and noting how I did. But I can’t find my list of resolutions. Anywhere. So I either 1) put it somewhere I wouldn’t forget, and I’ll find it in another six months […]

Book giveaway of Archangels 1 & 2!

It’s the season for giving, and I’m partnering with Goodreads.com to give away a set of my Archangels thrillers! Enter by Dec. 13 to have a chance to win a copy of both Heaven’s Gate AND Heart and Soul just in time for Christmas reading. “You’ll stand up and cheer!” wrote one early reviewer of […]

Awe – some thoughts from 3 am

I caught the tail end of the Leonid meteor shower this weekend, although it was more by chance than intention. I have a cold, and my cough woke me up at 3 am, and while I sat there coughing, I remembered that the meteor shower was this weekend. Not that I have it marked on […]

Mission may be impossible…

Good morning, Ms. Dunlap. We have learned from various unnamed sources that somewhere in your 1.5 acres of woods and tall grasses there are four Chuck-it balls, at least 10 tennis balls and two big black Lab/Shepherd dogs. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the dogs and all the balls […]

Hurricanes and treasure…

When my husband and I were considering retirement locations, I immediately ruled out Florida because I never wanted to have to deal with a hurricane threat. Three weeks ago, we had to deal with a hurricane threat… when Hurricane Harvey charged into the Texas coastline. Thankfully, by the time Harvey made it to the Hill […]

Behind every writer

I used to think that successful novelists and writers did all their own work; from conception to final manuscript, the individual author did it all, including research, editing, writing coach, spiritual director, personal trainer (writing a book is like a marathon in many ways!) and project manager. Then I started reading author acknowledgments at the […]

Capturing awe and wisdom

Maybe it’s my inner visual artist trying to escape, but I’m entranced by finding photos that resonate in me with a moment of awe. Even better, sometimes I find a great quote to go with them! My sister took this photo on her African safari a year ago, and I love the vastness it captures. […]

Fun at the dentist office?

My life is over. Just kidding. My teeth aren’t that bad. It’s just that I hate to go to the dentist, and I’m not even sure why that is. I think it must stem from some traumatic childhood event involving my teeth, but if that’s what it was, it was so traumatic I blocked it […]