An uplifting story of
“Man’s Best Friend”

I never wanted a dog.

But when my teen-aged daughter began to experience bouts of insecurity that reminded me of my own increasing anxieties and depression, I was willing to try anything to help her avoid a similar fate.

Enter Gracie, a black-lab mix that stole my daughter’s heart at first sight at a shelter dog adoption day. Despite my own life-long fear of dogs, I agreed to bring the dog home and do whatever it took to provide my daughter – and the dog – with a sense of security that I no longer felt. “Okay, God,” I remember praying, though my own faith struggled in the face of my anxieties, “You’ve got to help me do this, because there’s no way I can do it alone.”

I quickly discovered, however, that the newest member of our household had her own agenda, and it was all dog. From chasing squirrels to jumping fences to the occasional roll in dead fish, Gracie began reminding me that life is for living, not dreading. And then I discovered something else: my anxieties were diminishing, and the more I relied on God to help me care for Gracie, the stronger my faith in God grew.

So I guess you can say that bringing a dog into my life has been a spiritual experience. It has. But just as important, caring for a dog has transformed my physical, emotional, and mental health, and that’s something to cheer about and share with others. I hope you read Saved by Gracie, and I hope it makes you laugh. Most of all, though, if you need to find  a way to recapture your joy in living, I hope you’ll think about adopting a dog. There might be a Gracie waiting somewhere just for you, too.

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Format – Trade Paper
Book ISBN – 9781780782270


Readers Say…

Doctor’s Orders: Adopt a rescue dog (a black lab named Gracie), slap a leash on her, and let her drag you out of your stagnant, overly intellectual world into the outdoors, where you will find healthy distractions from your worries–plus actual fresh air. On reading Jan Dunlap’s heart-warming and highly entertaining story, Saved by Gracie, you will understand why pet ownership is an important means to better physical, emotional, and even spiritual health. “

Rita Hancock MD, Pain Management Specialist  & Author of Radical Well-being and The Eden Diet

A sweet account of life with canines – a book that makes you laugh, cry and think.”

Jean M. Larson, PhD, CTRS, HTR, University of Minnesota Manager – Nature-Based Therapeutic Services

I loved this book! Jan Dunlap and her dog Gracie will win your heart and sympathy for every dog waiting to be adopted and for every person who needs a dog in his or her life – whether they know it or not. Backed by the newest research into the healing powers of the human-dog bond, Dunlap shares her hilarious story of a clueless, not to mention reluctant, journey into dog ownership that will leave you laughing and heading for the nearest dog adoption event.”

Dr. Marty Becker America’s Veterinarian”, Regular contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show & Author of 22 books, including three NYT Best-sellers